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The Idea of Sacrifice
Presented by
Rev. Grace Merrick
Rev. Grace walks through the life and message of Jesus, along the way visiting the creation of Christianity and peeking through the crack in the door at some of the language we use today just to see where it comes from.

Contemporary Spirituality for a Modern Life

    Welcome to Unity of Melbourne!

   This week we feature on screen Unity Minister
   Rev. Grace Merrick.  Grace has been presenting
   calsses on Jesus' Teachings and what is shown here
   is the Sunday Message during our 10.30am morning
   service of the 22nd November entitled
   "The Idea of Sacrifice".

Grace looks at what the word sacrifice really means, not the modern association
with "loss".  Grace explains how we can move closer to realizing Oneness with
Spirit and the Power within us, as well as increasing the joy of synchronicity. 
Hear how the real value of our efforts to expand Peace on Earth can be uncovered
dicovered and recovered.

Also whilst Grace was here at Unity of Melbourne she
participated in an interview with us where we asked
"what Unity means to You?"
Please click This Link and check out the interview.

This (6th December) Our resident Minister Rev. William
Livingston will take the stage.


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Listen online or download talks recorded at our recent Sunday services.

29 November 2015 - Divinity Indwelling - Rev. Dr Sylvia Eriksson

22 November 2015 - The Idea of Sacrifice - Grace Merrick

15 November 2015 - How tor Recognise the Light - Trav Munro

1 November 2015 - Shake, Rattle and Roll - Rev William Livingston


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