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As we study the Twelve Powers over the Twelve month of the year, AUGUST is the time we look at the Power of WILL. WILLPOWER.

Last month the Power was UNDERSTANDING.

WILL and UNDERSTANDING go hand in hand. Charles Fillmore writes, “We do not need less Will, we need more Understanding.”

The Power of WILL is represented by the Disciple MATTHEW. The colour is SILVER and the body position (also as in the Power of Understanding) is in the FRONT BRAIN.


The qualities of this Power are to choose and decide.


We have the Power of Will.

We use it (and as) our Will.

We are body, ego, soul, spirit.

Will is needed on all levels of our being.

There are Universal Laws, which keep us, and the universe in ORDER. (the power for September)

Creation would be chaos without order.

Does our personal will reflect the Universal Law of Harmony?


If it all seems too much I remember that I am a soul in evolution ~ not perfected ~ but perfect in my unfoldment. I can make and act on decisions from my sense consciousness, but knowing I am a spiritual being and spirit in action I am aware of the effect of my actions on others and myself.

I use my power of will in line with the power of understanding and wisdom as I go about my life knowing that for every action there is always a re-action.

(Joshua 24 : 15…”Choose this day who you will serve.)


At our Sunday Gatherings, we are also using the theme of the month from Unity Word wide Ministries “Being Present.”

“I live in the now, and divine understanding is active in me. Join us Sundays at 10.30 AM as our speakers expound on this important topic.




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