"Human beings create their experiences by the activity of their thinking. Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought."

What is Unity?

People often ask "What is Unity?".  Where do we start from?

First of all, it is a world wide organization more than a century old.  It really is Ancient Wisdom which is eternal, beyond the rituals robes and creeds of the past and present and welcomes people of all races, genders and cultures, who at some point feel that there is more to life than what appears around them in their present circumstances.

We believe we are spiritual beings here in a physical body, and we see life here as a way of learning how to express more of and live in harmony with that "Great Spirit" or "Universal Intelligence" which some call "God".  We see God not as a physical being in the sky, but as the one and only unifying spirit, everywhere present, expressing through all things visible and invisible.  We learn how Our Mind is the connecting link with this Divine Mind, and how our thinking (which is spirit in action) affects our body and the circumstances of our life.

One of the greatest discoveries of all time (which is not a new discovery) is the power of our thoughts. Our life at the moment is a result of our past thinking - whether we are aware of it or not.  There is only One Power and Presence and we are that Presence in action.  At Unity we learn to employ certain techniques  which have been used since ancient times (by those in the know) which include meditation, prayer, visualization, contemplation and affirmation.  The value of "the silence" and other tools to help us demonstrate in a practical way the results of their use.  If we want to change our life for the better, we change our thinking - which can change our life.

We see the spiritual wisdom in all Holy Books and we use these books to interpret Metaphysically the meaning behind the stories and people involved.  Every character in the Bible for example, from Adam (man of the dust-earth) to Jesus (Man of Christ) portray a step in the Ever Evolving Consciousness on our way to fully expressing Spirit  in line with our  Creator. 

Spiritual Action
In Unity, we feel a sacred responsibility, individually and collectively, to make a positive difference through personal example and active service in our communities and our world.

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