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Welcome to Unity of Melbourne!

Greetings Fellow Travellers on the path.

Unity of Melbourne Covid Safe Guidelines


Welcome to Unity of Melbourne.
Please follow these guidelines while you are here.

Please arrive by 10.15am so we can get everyone signed in and seated by 10.30 ready to begin our gathering. 

Entry is via the front glass doors with the ramp.
On Entry we kindly request you to:
Please Sanitise your Hands
Proceed to Sign In via our QR Code or sign in book.
(Pens will be cleaned after each use)  

Please wear a mask if you feel the need too, we are following current Vic Government guidelines for this.  

After you have Signed in please enter the Sanctuary.
We ask you to take a seat and maintain social distancing rules as required.
There will be containers placed near the lectern for you to place your Love offerings in.  

At the end of our gathering, you can vacate the Sanctuary through either the front
or the door near the Library marked EXIT.
You are welcome to Sanitise your hands as you leave.  

We are unable to have any fellowship in the Sanctuary after the service at this stage.  

Please note:
There is no access to the kitchen at the moment.
Please bring your own water or hot drink in your own mug.
We are also unable to share food, drink or other items at the moment.
The Library is closed for the time being.  

A gentle reminder, please do not attend our gatherings, should you feel unwell and display any flu like symptoms, as we do not want to be put in a situation of having to refuse entry to any of our community.  

We will continue to review all these guidelines in accordance with Vic State Government regulations.
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

The Committee of Management
Unity of Melbourne




Unity Worldwide Ministries have a yearly Theme for 2021.


When we feel our inner peace persistently challenged, Unity offers an answer. Unity teachings include the awareness of our own innate power. We were born with the attributes of the Infinite, and our life's work is to develop and express them. Who and what you choose to be impacts our ability to stay entered. Throughout the year, we uncover the role the 12 Powers (and more) play in all of this. 

ELIMINATION - is the ability to release, remove, denounce, deny, let go.

The Disciple is THADDEUS, representing the expulsion of negative thinking.

The corresponding colour is RUSSET
and the location is in the LOWER ABDOMINAL REGION

Some who come into Unity - New Thought and other similar teachings find that their affirmations are demonstrated, then, after a while they are not as effective as they used to be.

In Matthew 9 : 17 we read about how we can't put new wine into old wineskins.
We can't put new ideas on top of old beliefs that are still lurking below our conscious awareness which do not support the new ideas we wish to embrace.

Charles Fillmore writes
"It is just as necessary that one should learn to let go of thoughts, conditions and substances in consciousness, body and affairs, when they have served their purpose and one no longer needs them, as it is that we, should lay hold of new ideas and new substances to meet our daily requirements. Therefore it is very necessary that the eliminative faculty be quickened in us, and a right balance between receiving and giving, laying hold and letting go be established. (Metaphysical Bible Dictionary).

As we remove weeds from our garden in order to give the new plants room to grow, so we must remove the weed-thoughs from our minds to prepare for our developing- expanding spiritual awareness.


"I am in perfect harmony with the working of the Law, for I know that Infinite Intelligence knows nothing of obstacles, time or space. It only knows completion."

From - Your word is your wand by Florence Scovel Shinn.

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Many Blessings.
Rev. William Livingston.

What's on at Unity of Melbourne

Sundays, 9.30 - 10.00am.

Sunday Service
10.30 - 11.30am followed by refreshments and fellowship.

Service now on Zoom. Join URL: Password: 1

Library and Bookshop open between 11.30 and midday. Membership fee applies.

Spritial Counselling with the Minister is available by appointment. Please telephone 9889 8503 (office) or 0439658119 (Minister) to make a booking.

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