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Friday, 25 December, 2020

Christmas Day

I honour the Christ presence in my heart.

As the long night ends and Christmas Day arrives, a powerful message of love is birthed to the world, the awareness that we are all the Christ.

The Christmas story is more than an event from the distant past. It is a road map for the birth of the divine energy within you right now. How are you called to birth a greater understanding of your Christ nature? How are you called to live as that powerful love?

It is so easy sometimes to accept what has always been for what will always be. We fall asleep to life and miss or dismiss the call to transform, grow, and deepen. Each year, Christmas invites us to move from the darkness where we slumber into the light of our true nature. Each year, we are given an opportunity to deepen and realign with our spiritual identity, our Christ self.

Ebenezer Scrooge, in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, undergoes just such a powerful rebirth in one miraculous night. He awakens on Christmas morning transformed. His heart, closed for so long, has rediscovered the power of love-love of life, love of possibility, love that is generous and expects nothing in return. He is forever changed.

His pledge, "I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year," is an affirmation for a new way of being. Ebenezer intuitively knows that this pledge to honor Christmas, to be love in action, is a practice that he will be invited to choose again and again. Each Christmas, he and we have an opportunity to renew our pledge to be love, to be compassion. We must be willing. We
must make space and choose love so that we, too, will be forever changed.

When we allow ourselves to live a life of love, to express love, to be a place for love, we live as the Christ. We demonstrate what Jesus so powerfully modeled for us all. And in our yes, we discover that as we give, so we receive. Love begets more love, kindness more kindness, compassion more compassion, and caring more caring.

Honor the Christ presence in your heart this day and keep choosing love all throughout the year. 

Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love. -1 John 4:8

-Rev. DeeAnn Weir Morency


If Every Day were Christmas
James Dillet Freeman

If every day were Christmas,
how different life would be,
if not one day but all the year
were ruled by charity.
Had we the faith in miracles
a child has Christmas morn,
each day would be love's manger
and Christ would be reborn
in us again to change and heal
our outworn wars and ways--
had we a child's or shepherd's gift
for wonderment and praise!
Yet every day is Christmas
when we have learned to live
by love's law, learned not how to get
but only how to give;   

Message from the Committee

Those who knew Ralph within our spiritual community knew him as a bastion of Stability and Faith. We greatly appreciated his steady leadership at Unity of Melbourne, which he demonstrated over many years of close involvement.

In the early days, Ralph and Mariam played a key role in helping Unity through the turbulent times while we were arranging to buy this Renown Street property. He continued this influence afterwards, in the succeeding years of financial and organisational adjustment. Ralph and Mariam's major contribution to that successful purchase will remain a vital and unforgettable part of Unity of Melbourne's history, as will their ongoing support through the years. Unity owes them both an enormous debt of gratitude.

Ralph and Mariam both befriended and watched over our then America Minister, Rev. Leila Thompson, through the ten years of her ministry with us in Australia. Rev. Leila was delighted to have Ralph as her regular Platform Chairman at every Sunday Service. She fully appreciated his polished deliverry and professionalism in this role.

Ralph also served as President of the Committee of Management for many years, during this time when the Unity attendees were learning how to become a "community" and cope with the ongoing responsibilities of ownership.

We, at Unity of Melbourne, have always been able to count on the support of Ralph (and Mariam), whenever it was needed. Even after they moved away from Melbourne, Ralph kept his connection with Unity in Melbourne, and he continued to act as Platform Chairman for Rev Sylvia Eriksson, when she delivered her monthly Sunday messages.

Unity of Melbourne owes Ralph Baker such a large debt of gratitude for his loyal and willing service. He will forever live in the hearts of those who knew him. What a well-lived life! No matter what the situation, Ralph's positive outlook, his character and good heartedness always shone through!

On behalf of all at Unity of Melbourne, we deeply regret that due to the Covid 19 restrictions, we are not able to be present with you at this time, but be assured that we are all with you in Spirit, and enfold you in our love and prayers.

Vale Ralph. You will be much missed.


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