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To live without magic, for me, would be tragic
Such a lack would sadden my day
Give me premonitions and strange apparitions
The miraculous, the quirky, the fey.

I like the magical, the mystical, the not egotistical
The enchantment of forces in cosmic array
The intuitive insight that turns out to be right
Then helps me upon my way.

To me the epitome of serendipity
Is the coincidence that arrives today
Full of magic and mystery, it changes my history
And it can't be explained away.

Give me studies theosophical, or stories apocryphal
Let me hear what they have to say
Such a phantasmagoria fills me with euphoria
And keeps dull old logic at bay.

Keep your sense and your reason, the latest theory in season
Don't theorise my magic away
Save your thoughts noetic, let me see justice poetic
Balance the scales by a curious play.

Come, tear the veil asunder, feel the magic, the wonder
And let me see the world as I may
Sense the fairies all glimmering, the Angel's wings shimmering
Through the prosaic events of the day.

Rev. Sylvia being inspired by Gabriel blowing his horn at one of our Jazz concerts in 2017 ====>

Message from the Committee

Those who knew Ralph within our spiritual community knew him as a bastion of Stability and Faith. We greatly appreciated his steady leadership at Unity of Melbourne, which he demonstrated over many years of close involvement.

In the early days, Ralph and Mariam played a key role in helping Unity through the turbulent times while we were arranging to buy this Renown Street property. He continued this influence afterwards, in the succeeding years of financial and organisational adjustment. Ralph and Mariam's major contribution to that successful purchase will remain a vital and unforgettable part of Unity of Melbourne's history, as will their ongoing support through the years. Unity owes them both an enormous debt of gratitude.

Ralph and Mariam both befriended and watched over our then America Minister, Rev. Leila Thompson, through the ten years of her ministry with us in Australia. Rev. Leila was delighted to have Ralph as her regular Platform Chairman at every Sunday Service. She fully appreciated his polished deliverry and professionalism in this role.

Ralph also served as President of the Committee of Management for many years, during this time when the Unity attendees were learning how to become a "community" and cope with the ongoing responsibilities of ownership.

We, at Unity of Melbourne, have always been able to count on the support of Ralph (and Mariam), whenever it was needed. Even after they moved away from Melbourne, Ralph kept his connection with Unity in Melbourne, and he continued to act as Platform Chairman for Rev Sylvia Eriksson, when she delivered her monthly Sunday messages.

Unity of Melbourne owes Ralph Baker such a large debt of gratitude for his loyal and willing service. He will forever live in the hearts of those who knew him. What a well-lived life! No matter what the situation, Ralph's positive outlook, his character and good heartedness always shone through!

On behalf of all at Unity of Melbourne, we deeply regret that due to the Covid 19 restrictions, we are not able to be present with you at this time, but be assured that we are all with you in Spirit, and enfold you in our love and prayers.

Vale Ralph. You will be much missed.


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