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About Unity of Melbourne

We are a spiritual community dedicated to learning about our own innate spiritual nature in a non-judgemental and supportive environment.

*What is "Unity"?

"Unity" is an independent spiritual movement that began as the result of people becoming discouraged by the literal beliefs and rituals of traditional church religion. People today seek a more immediate and updated experience of their spirituality, without dogma.

(NB "Unity" is not associated with the Uniting Church.)

What is "Unity" as a spiritual philosophy?

Unity seeks out what is eternally true at the spiritual level. What is eternally and universally true cannot change because it exists outside the three-dimensional world of time, space and matter.

Understanding that our minds connect with this eternal Spiritual "Truth" and what that really means for humanity, has an enormous impact on how we all choose to live. Above all, Unity is a practical philosophy that anyone can apply to improve the conditions of their life and to increase their experience of happiness.

Unity encourages people to look inward and listen to their innate spiritual wisdom, to take responsibility for their creative capacity and to understand how the power of the mind works. We learn how our thinking and feeling profoundly affects our life experience, regardless of whether we are aware of the creative power of Mind (Consciousness) or not.

Exploring this power of "Mind Action", and all its effects on our individual and collective life, is the main focus of Unity thought.
Unity of Melbourne welcomes anyone wishing to find out more about this liberating and personally empowering philosophy.

Source Material

Unity refers to many ancient and modern texts to illustrate the Principles that are found to be universal and eternal "Truth".

Such material is used during our platform talks and in our group discussion forums.

Unity Library

Whilst Unity encourages a broad perspective in its discussion of spiritual material, there are many writers within the Unity Movement who have developed and refined their understanding of how the universal Principles be applied in our daily lives. This published material can be borrowed from our Library for private reading and contemplation.

How does Unity of Melbourne operate?

We are an incorporated "Not For Profit" Association responsible to the Department of Consumer Affairs, Victoria. We operate under the Model Rules. We are self-managed and self-funded.

One of the greatest discoveries of all time (which is not a new discovery) is the power of our thoughts. Our life at the moment is a result of our past thinking - whether we are aware of it or not. There is only One Power and Presence and we are that Presence in action. At Unity we learn to employ certain techniques which have been used since ancient times (by those in the know) which include meditation, prayer, visualization, contemplation and affirmation. The value of "the silence" and other tools to help us demonstrate in a practical way the results of their use. If we want to change our life for the better, we change our thinking - which can change our life.
We see the spiritual wisdom in all Holy Books and we use these books to interpret Metaphysically the meaning behind the stories and people involved. Every character in the Bible for example, from Adam (man of the dust-earth) to Jesus (Man of Christ) portray a step in the Ever Evolving Consciousness on our way to fully expressing Spirit in line with our Creator.

Spiritual Action
In Unity, we feel a sacred responsibility, individually and collectively, to make a positive difference through personal example and active service in our communities and our world.

The Five Unity Principles

1. There is only one presence and one power in the Universe, and in my life and affairs, God the Good, Omnipotent.

2. I have a spark of divinity within me, the Christ spirit within. My very essence is of God, and therefore I am also inherently good.

3. I create my experiences by the activity of my thinking. Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought.

4. Prayer is creative thinking that heightens my connection with God-Mind and therefore brings wisdom, healing, prosperity and everything good.

5. Knowing and understanding the laws of life, also called Truth, are not enough. I must also live the truth I know.

Click here to hear and find out more about the Unity movement at Unity.FM.

The Unity Values

Core values are the foundation of the organization and vital for it to be successful;
Spirit-led: We are centred in God. Spirit leads our thoughts and actions as we co-create a world that works for all.

Integrity: We act from a place of wholeness and are ethical in all our actions. We keep our word.
Diversity: We believe that all people are created with sacred worth. We promote greater understanding among people in a spirit of unity.

Transformation: We are a dynamic movement on the cutting edge of spiritual evolution. We teach universal spiritual principles that change lives.

Abundance: Living in the infinite flow of God's good, we draw from God's inexhaustible supply and wisely use our rich resources to serve the world.

Individuals grow spiritually when they are part of a supportive community, a church, of like-minded believers.

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